The Heads-up

Oh, hello there! Chances are you stumbled into this site somehow. Or perhaps you’re one of my prospective new readers. Whatever the reason, I think you’ll be better off with some notes in mind :

This site is going to be filled to the brim with words. Words I wrote. I am going to entertain you with regular indecently-written reviews. I do anime and also music-related reviews. The kind of anime I’m into right now is mecha and space opera, but I’m also open to other kind of stuff as well. Perhaps I’m going to do seasonal reviews as well, who knows! As for music, I’m into so many genres! But I’ll probably stick closer to my favorite genre, which is Japanese Indie Pop and stuff, though.

I’m almost entirely new to this world of words, so my writing might leave a sour note in your faces, but I’ll try to improve. I had to. Otherwise this whole site is just an exercise in vanity.

Hit me up on Facebook if you like! Or maybe if you’re into that kind of thing.

Thanks for passing by!

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